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Sharing Software Asset Management Reports

Do you need to disclose the report of Software Asset Management to Senior Management? Use SAM reports to present in easy-to-understand visual graphs. Now, regardless of your experience or not, you can share your important analysis with managers and stakeholders.

Strengthen Your Software Asset Management Decisions

Our SAM reporting software analyzes important questions about your operations and performance. Reporting uses data from our SmartTrack software asset management platform so you can view this data over time and from any angle. The SAM Intelligence dashboard features Key Performance Indicators based on our company's best practices and nearly 20 years of project experience. Each KPI is displayed in a chart or chart of your choice. It is easy to change options or go into details.

You can optimize the SAM reporting dashboard for each team's area of ​​responsibility or the person's specific role.SAM Intelligence control panel displays its analysis in measurable, understandable SAM reports with easy-to-read graphs and graphs. It's an attractive and automated way to give the right people the right information about license compliance and optimization. Your team can determine how to streamline their processes, quickly start saving costs, and avoid the risk of managing software licenses. Better still, your Software Asset Management reports will help managers successfully plan the future of the company and invest in your processes, team, and you.

Five major benefits of SAM Intelligence:

View historical SAM data Answer questions about software licenses over time using easy-to-create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Visually graphs pie charts, bar chats, linear graphs, tree maps, and You can create many templates, including geomaps. Create your own Dashboard visual Select what to display on the Dashboard, see KPIs related to your responsibilities and goals. Drag, drop and Delete Quickly design graphics with drag and drop options or click to review details. Easily share your reports After analyzing the question and designing the report, you can export the results as an XLS, CSV or PDF file. #Asset #SAM #Management #Aspera #Report #Compliance #Software #Report #SmartTrack #SoftwareAssetManagement #Compliance


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