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The New Dimension of Inventory: RayVentory 12.0

Europe's leading provider of enterprise application lifecycle management services and products has released version 12.0 of its award-winning discovery and inventory solution with new components. Among other things, this is a central platform where data from various sources are combined, normalized and visually processed. The German Paderborn-based software manufacturer therefore sets the course for a new dimension in inventory management and elevates the entire software inventory management to another level. End-to-end inventory solution RayVentory collects the highest quality data for clients, servers and network devices that are agent-based, agentless, remote, portable, and highly automated in the shortest possible time.

“The flexibility we offer with our different but combinable inventory methods makes our solution unique. This allows us, as the sole provider, to scan anything and everywhere with the highest security restrictions on our customers.” Ragıp Aydın, General Manager of Raynet

With the innovative Smart Pull technology of the new central data center, unlimited number of other data sources such as Active Directory (AD), SCCM, cloud platforms (Azure, AWS), SaaS applications can be added to the data collected from RayVentory. To achieve deeper transparency (Office 365, Jira, Salesforce, etc.), Virtualization environments (VMware, Hyper-V) and even docker instances. These are meaningfully interconnected, normalized and informative visualized in individual dashboards and reports.

Many companies today face enormous difficulties in interpreting their data correctly and making decisions because the data is either not tailored, incomplete or of poor quality. In addition to optimizing IT costs, vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities also play an important role. Although cyber attacks are seen as a huge risk, according to the latest research conducted in the Global Risk Report 2020, most companies underestimate the threat or cannot directly access such important information. RayVentory not only fulfills the main focus of CIS Control on “Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets” and “Inventory and Control of Software Assets”, but also has an interface to the NIST database through the RayVentory Catalog, which provides important information for vulnerability and risk management. - updated daily. RayVentory Catalog enriches the inventoryed raw software data with valuable information.

The result includes detailed information such as manufacturer, product categorization, license type, version, and end-of-life data of all detected software products, including the number of installations. From this, a specific proposal for action on cleaning the software environment can be derived, taking into account the software strategy. This includes not only defining the version variety, but also a detailed description of software alternatives taking into account critical and economic aspects. This results in an understandable rationalization that makes unnecessary software versions, languages ​​and functions visible in a single view.

The RayVentory edition includes the following powerful features:

Unified Data Concept (UDC) for intelligent data management RayVentory Catalog

Automatic detection and inventory of Docker instances Traceable processes thanks to detailed

inventory recording

Custom Asset Tagging Extension of Inventory

Status Indicator

Multilingual user interface


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