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Why Enterprise Architecture?

Many questions arise regarding the execution of Institutional Architecture activities in institutions.

In cases where such an activity is not carried out, "Why should we do this job?" The question comes to the fore. There is activity and there is no department, "Do we have to establish a separate department for this?" The activity is running, it has a place in the organization, but it is time to formalize the process and include other units. The questions that arise in this case are: "Which processes should be carried out?", "What should be the framework for the inclusion of corporate architecture activities in IT projects?", "What should the new governance structure be?

Going out of all this a little bit, looking at the subject from a broader perspective and saying, "Why do we have to develop and manage corporate architectures?" We have to ask the question.

Brief version of the question: Why corporate architecture? A more accurate and long statement: "Why should we do corporate architecture development activities in our company or institution?"

Possible answers here are:

  1. To take a picture of the current situation

  2. In order to take a picture of both the current situation and the future situation

  3. In order to prepare a transformation plan by drawing a picture of both the current situation and the future situation

  4. To establish the link between business strategies and operations, to ensure their continuity and to prepare transformation plans

It is what experience has shown us that the purpose of conducting corporate architectural activity should not only be to draw a picture of the current situation. An Enterprise Architecture unit with this purpose of existence is doomed to be useless.

So let's ask again: "Why corporate architecture?"

My answers are as follows:

  1. Institutions, systems, projects have become very complex. It is not even possible to start any project without drawing pictures of their current and future situations.

  2. Change and transformation are inevitable. Disruptive forces attack from all directions. Those who understand the transformation in time and manage it well will survive.

  3. It is not possible for businesses that do not link business strategies with daily operations and projects to achieve this transformation. The link between them can only be established through institutional architectural activity.

What are your comments? Is there a corporate architecture activity carried out in your business or institution? Is there a specialized team or unit in this field? If the answer to this question is yes, what are the main reasons for existence?


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