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How Can I Package My Software?

Raynet's package store module offers pre-configured software packages. All configuration options provided by the manufacturer's software can be easily set up using the RayPackage configurator - even if you don't have in-depth packaging experience.

  1. Silent Install Support

  2. Disable Automatic Updates

  3. Suppress Reboots

  4. Silent Uninstall Support

  5. Disabled ARP Interaction

  6. Suppress Auto Start

  7. Disable SplashScreen

  8. Remove Desktop Shortcuts

  9. Per Machine Installation

Software packages can be purchased from the online shop All options configurable with RayPackage are listed here. The distributable software package is created at the push of a button on the basis of selected configurations. A complete package document is automatically created for each software package created, in which all settings are saved.

In addition, Package Store provides relevant product information such as software description, licensing, download link of the original source, dependencies on other products, operating system compatibility, information link.

You can contact us for more information and demo.

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