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What is ISO 20000 IT Service Management System Certificate?

ISO 20000 Certificate is given to the information technology companies that manage the processes that establish their systems according to the ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System Standard, which has been established to manage the processes and services of the Software hardware technical service companies in the Information Technology Sector. or called ISO 20000 Certificate.

ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System is needed due to the increasing dependence of the business world on Information Technologies and the increasing complexity of IT services.

ISO 20000 standards support the integrated process approach in order to effectively transfer the management services required to meet business and customer obligations.

IT Sector companies need to identify and manage many interrelated processes in order to function effectively. Activities that are managed so that resources are used and inputs can be transformed into outputs are considered as a process. Often the output in one process is the input in the other.

Integration and implementation of service management processes provide continuous control, efficiency and opportunities for continuous improvement. In order to carry out activities and processes, people and service teams at the service desk, service support, service delivery and service teams must be strongly formed and compatible with each other. In addition, appropriate tools are required to monitor that processes are effective and efficient.

Employing qualified and competent people to fulfill the provisions specified in the ISO 20000 certificate standards is a must for the desired output.

ISO 20000 certificate standards are not a standard that includes all the provisions of any agreement. Those who use the ISO 20000 standard are obliged to apply the ISO 20000 standards correctly. Therefore, they have to follow the legal conditions specified in the ISO 20000 standard from their current legislation and fulfill these provisions themselves. An organization, which is somehow certified according to the ISO 20000 standard, cannot be exempted from legal obligations if it does not fulfill the legal requirements.

How to Obtain ISO 20000 Certificate?

A good system should be established according to the ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System Standard and the established system should be implemented, and at the last stage, the system should be audited by the accredited certification body to check whether the system is established according to the ISO 20000 standard.

If you get service from a consultancy firm that knows the ISO 20000 standard and its applications well to obtain the ISO 20000 Certificate, after the consultancy firm provides the necessary documentation and consultancy services to configure the following ISO 20000 Standard processes in your company, it applies to a suitable and accredited certification body on your behalf and provides.

In order to obtain ISO 20000 certification, you must ensure that the following processes are structured under the guidance of a Consultant and that the standard is directed in the format desired

  1. Service e Level Management

  2. Service Reporting

  3. Service Continuity and Availability Management

  4. Budgeting and accounting for IT services

  5. Capacity Management

  6. Information Security Management

  7. Business Relationship Management

  8. Supplier Management

  9. Incident Management

  10. Problem Management

  11. Configuration Management

  12. Change Management

  13. Release Management

Which Companies Can Get ISO 20000 Certificate?

Information technology companies can obtain the ISO 20000 certificate. In summary, information technology companies are the companies that do the following business and operations; Software companies can obtain ISO 20000 Certificate Hardware companies for the information sector can obtain ISO 20000 Certificate Information sector infrastructure companies can obtain ISO 20000 Certificate Companies that make technical service maintenance and repair in the information sector can obtain ISO 20000 Certificate Companies engaged in the IT sector software hardware integration can obtain ISO 20000 Certificate Internet service providers Firms can get ISO 20000 Certificate Companies Providing Telecommunication Service can get ISO 20000 Certificate E invoice private integrator companies can get ISO 20000 Certificate Companies providing electronic archiving and backup services can get ISO 20000 Certificate Companies doing database business can get ISO 20000 Certificate Web service companies can get ISO 20000 Certificate

Is ISO 20000 Certificate Mandatory Why Is It Obtained?

Obtaining ISO 20000 Certificate has been made compulsory for some sectors and some companies.

Some of the information technology companies participate in government tenders and public institutions require ISO 20000 certification in such service procurement for information technologies.

The main purpose here is that a company with ISO 20000 certificate proves that it organizes many operations better than other companies without certification. Of course, the point to be considered here is that the ISO 20000 Certificate is accredited. ISO 20000 certificate without accreditation is invalid.

Other companies that require ISO 20000 Certificate are E invoice Private Integrator companies. Among the companies that will provide e-invoice service, the Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration says that the companies to be authorized, configure your processes according to the ISO 20000 Standard and have an accredited ISO 20000 Certificate.

What are the Benefits of ISO 20000 Certificate Information Technology Service Management System Standard What are the Benefits?

ISO 20000 Certificate Information Technology Service Management System is a standard that observes the success of organizations and information technology beneficiaries operating in the field of information technology and is used to improve their conditions. As in all management systems, the ISO 20000 standard is defined as a system created by the senior management within the organization, in which the same work is always planned to give the same output by giving a standard perspective to the applied methods. Without the will and support of senior management, the success of a management system is impossible.

When the ISO 20000 Certificate Information Technology Service Management System is well established, it provides the following benefits to its users;

• Increased service quality and more reliable corporate support,

• To be able to see IT capabilities clearly,

• A clearer information about existing services,

• More motivated employees with correct analysis of skills and job satisfaction,

• Ensuring customer satisfaction with correct understanding of customer needs and correct service and support,

• Increase in security, speed and accessibility in service processes,

• Reducing IT management and operating costs,

• Effective resource management and efficient use of resources,

• Preventing jobs / problems from being handled over and over again,

• Elimination of unnecessary work,

• Increasing the accessibility of IT services,

• Guaranteeing the provision of services that meet customer, end user and business needs,

• Determining the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the provision of services,

• Increased satisfaction of IT teams,

• Providing the learning process from past experiences,

Potential reasons for not achieving the expected success and compliance with the ISO 20000 certification standard are as follows;

• Employee lack of harmony and understanding,

• Lack of education,

• Failure to give the required authority for decision making and implementation to the employee who is given responsibility,

• Decrease in the initial excitement and intensity of motivation,

• Not allocating necessary resources for start-up and maintenance,

• Using ready-made solutions that do not comply with the corporate strategy,

• Expectation of immediate results,

• Unrealistic implementation schedule and project duration,

• Lack of a responsible person,

• Difficulty of changing the organizational culture,

• Use of tools that are not compatible with the processes,

• Inappropriate implementation approach (No project management method),

• Inappropriateness of process scopes,

• Not appreciating the difficult and tiring tasks of implementing service management

What is ISO 20000 Certificate Standard What are ISO IEC 20000 Standards and What is the History?

ITIL-based standardization studies were first published as a draft standard under the name of BS 15000.

It was published by ISO in December 2005 as an international standard consisting of 2 (two) parts under the name of ISO 20000:

In 2011, ISO 20000 Standards were revised again. The current ISO 20000 revision was made in 2018.

The latest ISO IEC 20000 Standards are as follows.

ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2018 Information Technology Service Management Part 1: Requirements standard includes general requirements, including certification for users who want to fulfill the standard requirements. .

ISO / IEC 20000-2: 2018 Information Technology Service Management Part 2: Standard to guide the implementation of service management systems

ISO / IEC 20000-3: 2018 Information technology - Service management - Part 3: Guidance on ISO / IEC 20000-1 scope definition and applicability Standard

ISO / IEC 20000-5 TR: 2018 Information technology - Service management - Part 5: Implementation plan Standard for ISO / IEC 20000-1

ISO / IEC 20000-9 TR: 2015 Information technology - Service management - Part 9: Standard for guidance on applying ISO / IEC 20000-1 to cloud services

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