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Uncover HoriZZon's power over SharePoint and Confluence ...

At BiZZdesign, we believe that the collaboration environment is an important success factor for transformation projects. In fact, collaboration is one of the main driving forces behind the development of HoriZZon. Therefore, we think it is important to be able to quickly and effortlessly deliver content created with our platform to others. In order to facilitate content communication and reach a wider audience, we made it possible to share and embed architectural models on platforms such as SharePoint and Confluence.

Embedded models will be updated live as in HoriZZon, so your stakeholders will always have the latest content!

Start speeding up communication with your stakeholders now

All architectural models in HoriZZon can be shared on collaboration platforms. Where to start Below are some inspiring examples:

Strategic business goals for system standardization with Implementation Managers

2. (Cloud) Solution Architects and Developers and an overview of available packages in the Private Cloud environment

3.Business process design and documentation with Business (Process) Managers or new employees

4.Program / Portfolio / Project Managers or their teams and project roadmaps

How to start sharing?

Use the new "Share" button to the right of the title bar in HoriZZon to embed an architectural model into your collaboration platform. To embed the architectural model on the page, select the platform you want to use, click the copy button and paste it into the platform of your choice. Anyone who has access to the page where the architectural model is embedded can see the page regardless of their HoriZZon access rights.

You can view the details on the link below.

In addition to embedding content, we've made it easy to share links. To share a link, click the Copy button and share the link with a colleague. You will need to consult your system administrator to make sure Single Sign-On is enabled to make it easier for your colleagues to use the connection.

We have also taken extensive security measures to prevent content from falling into the wrong hands. You can check out all the details about sharing on other platforms on our support page. Check out our release notes to keep track of all our new features, big and small.

Do you have ideas for further improvements we can make? Many features like this have been developed based on customer feedback. You can leave us a note to share your ideas too!.


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