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Raynet "Secret Technology Champion" in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner honors Raynet at Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Tools 2020 Raynet, the leading provider of enterprise application lifecycle management products and services, is mentioned for the first time in the SAM Magic Quadrant. Gartner honored Aspera's end-to-end software asset solution SmartTrack and SmartCollect, powered by RayVentory. “We are extremely proud to be qualified for the Magic Quadrant Software Asset Management Tools and Unified Endpoint Management Tools Quadrant this year.

Raynet's founder and general manager Ragıp Aydın, together with Aspera, have now been named the "Hidden Technology Champion" and the only "Challenger" in this quarter. "Our 2021 goal is to establish Raynet as a visionary for SAM and UEM tools and to become a pioneer in Corporate Inventory Management, which is increasingly important. We are working on this under high pressure and for a long time today our customers confirm that we have chosen the right path with this strategy ”.

With a company's vision to cover all IP devices as well as all industry 4.0, IoT and IIoT technologies, Raynet defines concrete goals to further strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer for Discovery, Inventory and Data Management. At the end of 2019, Aspera and Raynet expanded their strategic partnership, which has existed since 2014, to an intensive technological cooperation and signed a software license and distribution agreement for the integration of their products within this scope. In this process, the Enterprise Inventory Solution RayVentory was integrated into the Aspera SAM solution SmartCollect, powered by RayVentory, and the two solutions were combined with Aspera SmartTrack, which took a holistic approach to both data collection and processing. Raynet offers this all-in-one solution under RaySAMi in its product portfolio.

The Aspera SmartTrack and Raynet RayVentory combination has seen a remarkable improvement in recent months due to the deep integration recognized not only by the joint customers of both companies but also by Gartner analysts. In partnership with Raynet, Aspera SmartCollect, powered by RayVentory, allows companies to collect, inventory and measure software usage in a variety of different ways. These capabilities will be extended to software running on AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP, but are currently not supported for other public cloud environments such as Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Using a browser-based tool, Aspera can explore SaaS applications and offers over 40 prebuilt API integrations with SaaS vendors such as Adobe, Salesforce, and Office 365. Gartner explains in the newly published scorecard released with the Magic Quadrant. Support for additional cloud environments is already on the roadmap and will be provided in the upcoming version of RayVentory.


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