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Reduce Software Costs Now…

Did you know that Software License Management in your institution can help you reduce software costs? Here in this article we will examine a few ways to manage licensing more powerfully.

Make Software License Management a central part of your software purchasing processes. Make sure you don't waste money on licenses, unnecessary programs and services you already own. Use a Software Asset Management tool with easily configurable workflows to check the existing licenses the company may have, so you avoid extra costs.

3 easy tips to reduce software costs

Due to the concentration of work within the organization, we can ignore excessive licensing, unused licenses and subscriptions, even if we do not want to use excess services. However, this situation is a very important problem for the fight against unnecessary costs, tightening the budgets.

Three simple ways to easily reduce software costs:

Check your contract expiry dates. Expiring contracts must be renegotiated to reflect actual needs and actual use, so you save money in the long run.

Review your purchased licenses as you use them

Get a full overview of your licenses and use what you have before purchasing new licenses.

Optimize your pay-as-you-go contracts

You pay for these licenses only for what you use. The less you use, the less you pay. During a contract renewal, be mindful of peaks in your usage so you can reduce your minimum payments based on actual need.


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